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Swalife: South West Airways (SWA) is the world’s largest low-cost airplane of United States. The airline was established by Herb Kelleher in 1967, as Air Southwest. The airline adopted its current name – South West Airways (SWA), on 1971 June 18 when it first started intrastate airplane service within Texas. SWA’s headquarters is situated in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Gary C Kelly is the current CEO and Chairman of the Southwest airline. The company has around 55,000 employees serving them and it operates nearly 4,000 departures per day during peak season. The airline provides services to 100 designations within the United States and serves for 10 International Designations.  Recently in the month of November 2017, Southwest airlines started plane facilities for Turks and Caicos. The airline is in the process to start its first flight to Hawaii, which is expected to start its service in 2018.

Southwest Airlines had most domestic passenger in the year 2016 than any other U.S. airlines. Even though the airplanes provide the low-cost carrier service they never compromise with the customer service and operating module. Not only they focus on the benefits of customers but even to serve the best for its employees. South West Airlines has created an online service portal called SWAlife to help its employees to easily access all the benefit plans provided by the company.

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SWAlife online portal

SWAlife makes the work of employee more convenient by providing easy access to there job schedule, insurance plan, retirement plan, health saving account, employee stock purchase, holidays, travel privileges, training, and job opportunities. SWAlife can be used via both PC and Mobile phone.

  • Navigate to official website
  • To log in to SWAlife enter SWA ID and Password 
  • SWA ID and password is provided by the HR department at the time of requirement.
  • Once the employee login to the portal password could be changed, for doing that user should select Forgot Password option
  • After selecting the option to change the password, an employee should follow the procedure as instructed by the web portal during the process.
  • Every time an employee tries to log in to the portal should use the new password along with SWA ID.
  • Even the retired officials of the south-west airlines have access to SAWlife portal, for direct login retiree login option should be selected.

What are the benefits plans accessed via SWAlife  

There are a number of benefits provided by SWAlife. So here are the plans that we found on the official site.

  • Medical benefit plans: For the Medical coverage plan amount from an employee is deducted every month as per the plan opted by the employee. Insurance coverage includes worker and registered family members. Medical coverage includes both the treatment charge and prescription drug benefit. It includes various Health-related plan like –Vision Coverage (Plan includes the coverage for an eye exam, glass frame, and contact lens )

Dental Coverage (Includes orthodontic care, basic and major dental problems).

Short-term disability (Company paid plan when an employee suffering from a short-term problem like illness or injuries which last for a week)

Long-term disability (Company or employee paid plan when a worker goes through disability for an extended period)

Accidental dental and Dismemberment (AD&D) (Insurance coverage to support the employee and family members in case of an accident)

Flexible spending account (Saving a small amount of money pre-tax for flexible spending on health care and dependent daycare )

Health Savings Account(HSA) ( Eligible employees are given provision to save the healthcare expenses for now or in the future. An employee can receive triple tax saving and company paid health concierge service by enrolling the plan)

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – Employees and their family members have access to free counseling to help them balance there work and day to day life.
  • Retirement plan –  It helps employees to save for their retirement through the 401(k) plan which is a pre-tax contribution. The employee can check from the broad range of investment schemes and select the most applicable and feasible plan for them.
  • Profit Sharing – South Western Airlines are the first airlines to offer a profit sharing plan for its employee. SWA considers the work hard work of its employees and as a contribution from a company each employee receives some percentage of profit depending on there pay scale.  Percentage of profit varies from 1% to 16%.
  • Stock Purchase Plan for Employees – After serving for south-west airlines for more than six months, the company allows the employee to purchase South Common Stock at 10% discount.
  • Commuter Benefits – Plan includes the pre-tax money saving for transportation charges like regional rail, bus, streetcar, subway, ferry, trolley, and vanpool.
  • Holidays – Every employee gets 10 holidays per year out of which one could be decided by the employee.
  • Travel Privileges – Employee of SWA receives free unlimited travel tickets for Southwest Airlines. Employee’s parents, spouse, and children under 19 years are eligible for this plan. An employee also gets a pass agreement for other company airlines along with the discounts on hotel, rental car companies, and theme parks.
  • Basic Life Insurance – All the employees of SWA are eligible for this benefit. An employee can get an insurance coverage amount equal to there salary. An employee can opt for the insurance plan which is almost 10 times of there salary and have an option to choose from, list of life insurance plan for their family members.
  • Other available benefits – It includes child and elder care, Adoption Assistance, paid adoption leave, pet insurance, car & home insurance and supplemental hospital insurance.

Career at Southwest Airlines

The job seekers can try their luck at SWA as it provides a big platform for professional and personal growth. For the well-being of the employees, the company has undertaken a lot of benefit plan. To bring up the leadership quality in its employee company has come up with an Emerging Leadership Development program. In a way to assist its employees in choosing the path of there interest company has a Days In The Field program were employee will be allowed to spend time in a department of there interest and gain knowledge.

The company encourages employees for professional development by supporting them with continuing education or skill development training. A full-time employee gets up to $5000 per year as reimbursement for a graduate degree and up to $2500 annually as reimbursement for an undergraduate degree.

Employees are recognized for their work and appreciated through an online portal called Southwest Airlines Gratitude (SWAG). Employees can recognition to each other via kick tail which a thank you note on SWAG. Work is recognized and appreciated from lower to higher hierarchy officials and even the customer’s feedback is collected on the ground or in the air.

How to check & apply for a job position at SWA

  • A job seeker can official website and select APPLY NOW option or
  • Navigate directly to link .
  • The link directs to Official carrier page of SWA, there mention the category, location and position type.
  • If there is any job vacancy for the criteria selected by candidate then the job description will be present where the candidate can get complete information about job type and can select the APPLY option beneath the page and create an account if its already not created then submit the resume.
  • There are a lot of benefit plan even for the employees at SWA. You can know more about them on the official site of SWA.

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